Life OK’s serial Ghulam is witnessing one of the most interesting track. This series has brought another outlook of life in the society where someone can keep a slave and go upto this extent.

Now there is another drama to unfold in the life of Shivani. Veer’s mother has a full dedication to one of the baba’s. Shivani has already undergone traumatization of sitting on a weighing balance and even trying to kill her. On the words of baba Ardh Nareshwar Shivani cannot become a mother ever in her life and Veer’s mother is disheartened because she wants her grandson.

So Veer promises his mother that he will get her a grandson either by Shivani or through someone else. Baba has told them to increase Shivani’s weight by 10 kgs so that her womb can carry a child and she can become a mother of Veer’s child. She is been tortured by all the family members and Rangeela is just watching everything in front of him. He has been told to look after her and make her eat good food so that she can bear a child. Isn’t the track interesting?