Life OK’s Ghulam is set to show a new set of tortures and hurdles for Rangeela and Shivani by Veer. Veer has been creating problems for both of them and he wants a child from Shivani.

But Shivani expresses all her love to Rangeela as he is her actual husband. Rangeela has also started feeling some attraction towards Shivani. Shivani expresses her will to dance with Rangeela only and Maldawali overhears it. She instigates Veer against Shivani and Rangeela. So Veer decides to teach them a lesson.

According to the rules of the house, a lady can dance only infront of her husband; Veer decides to give Shivani a new twist in the dance. He breaks all beer bottles and orders Shivani to dance on the broken pieces of glass. Rashmi aka Delhiwali tries to stop them but Maldawali tells her to keep mum. Veer is still irritated by Shivani so he orders Rangeela to lie down on the pieces of glass and Shivani to dance on top of Rangeela. He is extremely hurt but Shivani ties her dupatta and continues to dance. Huh! what a way to give punishment.