Life OK’s Ghulam is witnessing lots of twists and turns in the upcoming episodes. Rangeela has already started to feel some love for Shivani but he is bound by Veer’s rules and regulations.

Rangeela used to always scold and used to tell Shivani to keep a distance from her. But now he felt some emotional binding with Shivani. So he is trying to express his love for her by dancing and swinging her on a swing. There will be seen some romantic intimate moments between both of them.

Wait! there is a twist in the show. Rangeela is just dreaming about Shivani and is having lot of intimacy with her. He is just thinking about Shivani and her sacrifices she is making for him and so he sees her in his dreams. When he gets back to senses he faces harsh reality of Veer being falsely married to Shivani. So let’s hope Rangeela realises his love for Shivani and give her the place of a wife.