Life OK’s Ghulam is set to astonish the viewers with another twist. According to Ardh Nareshwar baba Shivani needs to increase her weight by ten kilos to bear Veer’s child. Veer has warned Rangeela to help Shivani do the same.

But now there has been a unique way of increasing Shivani’s weight. A dangerous dog has been left behind Shivani so that she can keep running and then she will feel hungry. This will increase her appetite and she will tend to eat more. Shivani is quite scared because of the dog and she is running hard to escape the dog.

Meanwhile Rangeela comes to Shivani when she falls down trying to escape the dog and brings watermelon juice for her. She drinks atleast five glasses of the juice seeing Rangeela’s face and expresses her love for her husband. So excited to see the run and chase game between the dog and Shivani!