LIFE OK’s Ghulam is portraying the tortures a woman is facing right from getting married to the wrong person to the troubles due to Ardh Nareshwar Baba.

Now Veer’s mother is playing another game and making life difficult for Shivani. Gulguli ( Veer’s Mother) wants Shivani to look perfect in front of Ardh Nareshwar Baba and for this she has again called for the weighing balance to check Shivani’s weight which should be increased by ten kilos.

But to the surprise of the viewers her weight is less and Veer is getting irritated. He is scolding Rangeela for not complying with his orders and he would hang him till death if things dont go according to Veer. Actually Maldawali has mixed something in Shivani’s food which is creating weight loss and so she is weighing less. Rangeela is tensed about her weight and he is ready to face death happily. So is Veer going to punish Rangeela?