The Star Plus’s long-running daily soap, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein produced by Ekta Kapoor, stars amazing actors like Divyanka and Karan Patel. The has taken a leap of one year, but the real drama will unfold when Ishita and Raman reveal the truth to Bhalla family!

As we told our readers earlier that the separation track is planned by Raman and Ishita in order to get Pihu back. Whereas, Vidyut is playing the role of a messenger/courier between Ishita and Raman’s love. Ishita and Raman will return back to India and their entry in Bhalla house starts with a SLAP from Toshi Jee.

Ishita and Raman will reveal to Santoshi that they Ishita-Raman had done this drama to get Pihu back. They will make Santoshi understand and her anger cools down. Santoshi apologizes to Ishita and Raman, she hugs them and welcomes back to home. So, the drama is over? Well, the answer is a big NO 😉