Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi makers have roped in yet another actress opposite Dev Dixit in the daily soap. We have seen two entrant; Aarti and Payal in the show and none of them have moved ahead for marriage with Dev. Payal is all set to leave the show!

Apparently, post Payal’s boyfriend makes an entry at the restaurant where Dev will be there for dinner date with Payal along with Sonakshi. Things will become serious as Dev will get a tight slap from Payal’s boyfriend. A source told us, “Dev plans a guy who’s a supposed lover of Payal.”

Seeing Dev being silent after getting a slap and his changed behavior, Sonakshi will be seen doubting Dev and his intentions. A source told us, “Sonakshi doubts him and comes to know that he is doing all these things purposely.”

A source told us, “There is another girl to make an entry in Dev’s life. Our exclusive sources informed us that actress Asma Badar has been roped in to play Nisha’s role. Nisha comes to meet Dev with her whole family. After breakup ​with Payal this is Dev’s new target to irritate Sona and make her realise their beautiful relationship.”