Star Plus’s Ye Hai Mohabbatein is taking a leap of one and the shooting for the same has begun in Australia. Raman willl move on in his life with Pihu and Shagun. On other hand, Ishita will be seen taking care of Bhalla family and she would be owner of Bhalla Company as well. There is a twist in take.. Ruhi will doubt Ishita having extra martial affair. The kid will question her mother in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

Ishita will be seen doing work in her room on laptop. Ruhi will see Ishita talking with someone romantically and Ishita wants to go to Singapore. Ruhi will also find a love letter and a dress in Ishita’s room. Ruhi confront Ishita about her affair, ishita will get shattred and Ishita will tell Ruhi to stay away from her personal life.

Ruhi’s doubt will get strong and she will start investigating. It would be intereting to watch new track in Yeh Hai Ohabbatein. Is Ishita having affair or is she talking with Raman? Only time will tell.