Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar KeĀ Aise Bhi is witnessing some high voltage drama and suspense with the re-entry of Khatri after a long time. Its time for the mystery of Khatri and Ishwari’s relationship to open. But not so soon, it will take some time.

Sonakshi’s face-off with Khatri has already left her baffled and confused. Khatri has warned Sonakshi to be away from the matter but she wants to solve this mystery. So with the help of Jatin she starts investigating. She asks family members of Dixit family including Dev but she’s left clueless.

Next, she plans to bribe Khatri in order to know the reality. She offers Khatri money to tell her the truth and leave Dixit family but he refuses. He again warns her to stay away from the matter. Sonakshi leaves clueless but she plans to solve the puzzle bit by bit. Let’s hope that Sonakshi solves it and protects Ishwari from Khatri. Any guesses about the connection Khatri has with Dixit family?