Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is going to witness several interesting twists and turns with lots of emotional trails through it.

Dev and Sonakshi know about Nikki’s relationship truth and on the other hand Ishwari has bagged job at Lakshaya’s office but has not revealed the truth to everyone. Dev is skeptical about telling the reality of Nikki as to how will Ishwari react. Sonakshi also wants to tell her but both of them are unable to reveal the reality.

Sonakshi thinks that it would be a good opportunity to take Ishwari somewhere out for dinner along with Dev where they can both unravel the truth. Sonakshi takes both of them out for dinner. But there’s a twist in the tale.

Nikki and Lakshaya even come in the same restaurant as well as Raman the manager at Lakshaya’s office. Ishwari sees Raman and Sonakshi, Dev witness the presence of Nikki and Lakshaya. They both get worried for Ishwari and vice versa she tries to hide about her job. So will both the sides be able to succeed in their hide and seek game?