Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has been witnessing quite an interesting track with Sona and Dev discovering the family who were traumatized by Ishwari due to theft.┬áDev and Sonakshi discover about the family and go to meet them. Dev apologizes to them but Malti the lady and Kajal her daughter curse them badly. Sona dials the call to Ishwari and she picks up the phone.

She recognizes the voice and calls her Memsaab. She keeps on apologising to her, crying, sobbing. She tells that as they used to go to Vaishno Devi, similar manner she went to find out about them. Malti starts abusing, cursing her saying that she spoilt her sister in law’s life, her daughter’s life, her husband died all because of her. Ishwari keeps on crying, but Malti says that she will always curse them and their family will never be happy. That is the reason of his son also asking for forgiveness. Ishwari is shocked to hear it.

Sona and Dev come back and Ishwari apologizes to Dev but she falls down and is hospitalized. Sonakshi decides to meet Malti and Kajal once again and plan against Khatri. She convinces them to help in her plan.

She calls Khatri and tries to trap him by offering him money. Khatri comes to meet Sona. She offers him money to leave this issue and city. Malti and Kajal are overhearing their conversation. So what would be the result? Let’s wait and watch.