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Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is getting interesting with every passing episodes. However, Ishwari insecurities are increasing as Dev and Sonakshi are now married. We have earlier reported that Sonakshi will come to know that Ishwari is trying her best to stop Dev-Sonakshi to consummate their marriage. (Like Divyanka Tripathi fan page on Facebook)

After knowing the truth, Sonakshi will confront Dev about Ishwari’s over insecurities and abnormal behavior. Whereas, Dev will not listen to Sonakshi. However, like us, Sonakshi will be scared witnessing Ishwari’s insecurities Dev! The lady will wonder how a mother could be this possessive for her son?

It would be now seen whether Sonakshi will live happily with Dev as Ishwari’s insecurities are increasing. Will we able to know the reason behind Ishwari’s insecurities?