Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar ke Aise Bhi is witnessing high voltage drama and twists in the upcoming track. Sona’s face-off with Khatri has already given the push to the storyline. The suspense behind Khatri and Ishwari’s ​relationship has already started brewing up.

Sona is taking the help of her childhood friend Jatin. But Dev is unable to digest this huge change in Sona’s life and is doubting Sona and Jatin’s friendship. He gets angry with Sona for her closeness with Jatin. Sona speaks to him rudely so that he can be away from the matter and she can investigate it. Dev leaves Dixit house in anger.

On the other hand, Soha gets better and Sona thinks about going and meeting her parents. She goes to Bose house spends time with her family. Asha and Bijoy are also very delighted to see them. But Sona starts thinking about Dev about his whereabouts and starts missing him recollecting all the moments spent with him. So is this a new start of Dev and Sonakshi’s relationship?