Sony Entertainment Television’s ┬áKuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing happy times with the return of Nikki and Ishwari’s partial acceptance of Nikki and Lakshaya’s relationship.

Ishwari goes to meet Nikki and Lakshaya on the insistence of Dev. She comes to know that they are shifting to some another apartment so she brings both of them together. They all plan for a family photo and Lakshaya is part of it. Nikki is very happy for the same.

We have seen some romantic moments between Dev and Sonakshi. Later in the coming episodes, in between the photo shoot, Sonakshi gets a call from a client. Sonakshi will leave the Dixit house and come across a big problem.

She goes to attend the meeting and on return faces some goons. She gets scared of their nasty comments. Her car stops and she gets onto the bus. The goons follow her and she calls Dev. What will happen next? Do you think Sonakshi will able to reach Dixit house safely?