Sony TV ‘s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is going to witness another interesting track ahead with the changes of the relationship between Dev, Sona and Suhana.

We have already seen that Vicky has not changed his behavior towards the Dixit’s. He is just trying to take revenge through manipulating Suhana’s mind. He plays with her and even wishes her at first showing his extreme concern and love for her.

On the other hand, Dev and Sonakshi are trying to impress their daughter through baking cake for her which she rejects. They also plan a grand party for her with theme. While Saurabh is tensed with the bouncing cheques and unattended meetings by Sona.

On Saurabh’s insistence, Sonakshi goes to fulfill some legal formalities of her business and she gets late at Suhana’s party. Dev is tensed about her being late. What will be the outcome of this?


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