Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is making waves with one of the most interesting track ahead. Khatri’s entry has aroused a sense of mystery​ in the storyline.

Dev is upset and hurt because of Sona as he misunderstands her to be in love with her so called best friend (according to Dev) Jatin. He is not ready to share her with anyone and​at the same time not ready to accept that he still loves her. In despair he leaves Dixit house and disappears.

Sonakshi is also worried and upset with Dev’s behavior and she has started to realize his importance in her as well as Soha’s ​life. She needs Dev and now she is waiting for him to come back to his own house so that she can speak to him. Soha calls her for breakfast but she refuses. Soha also wants to talk to Dev but when he comes back. So she is also waiting for him. So Dev come back and please listen to Sonakshi. Isn’t it viewers?