Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes. Everything is running smoothly in Dixit house but the real drama unfolds when Ishwari misunderstands that Sonakshi is pregnant. The celebration begins in Dixit house as everyone assumes Sonakshi’s pregnancy news is true.

The drama starts when Sonakshi wanted to eat pickles and later she vomits. Sonakshi will later surprise Dev with pregnancy news and Dev will be shocked completely. Dev will be seenĀ recalling doctor’s word and he will calm Sonakshi down. He will try to make his family understand that there is nothing like Sonakshi’s pregnancy.

Dixit family will then insist Dev for Sonakshi’s pregnancy test. In fact, Dixit family will question Dev about why he running away from his own kid and Sonakshi’s pregnancy. Frustrated Dev will tell the bitter truth to Dixit family that Sonakshi couldn’t become a mother! This will leave everybody shocked and stunned! The question and answer session begin in Dixit house!