Sony TV’s Pehredaar Piya Ki is making news apart from the other latest ones as it has been pulled off by the channel itself.

The show was not aired on 28th August 2017 and the shoot also came to a halt. It’s a story revolving around a 9year old guy who is married to a 18-year-old girl. She is supposed to be his wife but actually, she performs the role of a Pehredar or a protector. This show had an amazing start but it was bashed by a lot of people on the internet especially Twitter and Facebook, as well as where a petition was filed to shut it down. People were not comfortable with the idea of child marriage supposedly which according to the producers was not the actual story.

Indian Express got in touch with the producer and in a close conversation with the producer of the show Sumeet Mittal, he blames the social media for the same. The petition filed actually demanded a ban on the series, so the ministry had to intervene. I & B minister Smriti Irani directed BCCC (Broadcasting Content Complaints Council) to look into the matter. Firstly the slot was changed to 10 PM with a huge leap, but it didn’t work out.

According to Sumeet it was meant for strata of people at the 8:30pm slot and changing it was not going to help the show to get a better trp. Moreover, they have planned another show which will of course take some time. He added a token of appreciation and gratitude for the channel Sony TV for supporting them and pulling it off was a mutual decision.

Sumeet also said that the social media didn’t give him a chance even and they spread so much negativity about the show which caused it’s downfall. We hope that he brings up a better story this time.


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