Colors TV’s popular show, Kasam will witness even more new twists and turns in the upcoming episodes of the show. As the viewers are current seeing in the show, Katyani Bai told Rishi that Tanuja is his Tanu and she wants Rishi to not leave Tanuja.

However, later Rishi will be seen upset, whereas Manpreet and Yuvraj will throw Katyani out of the house. Manorma’s men will successfully enter Tanuja’s room but she will use a cloth and make it a rope, she will come down and tries to run away.

Furthermore, Manorma’s men will again run behind Tanuja. Bharat will forcefully push Tanuja to the car and he will drive the car in speed. The good news is that Rishi will find that Tanuja is in problem and he will run to rescue Tanuja. Will Rishi able to rescue Tanuja in Colors TV’s Kasam?