Star Plus’ Dhai Kilo Prem is already rulling the viewers heart with interesting concept of the story. The has been showcasing how over weighted peoples have to face many problems when the other oeples taunt and make fun of them. The series is produced by Balaji Telefilms of Ekta Kapoor. The show is currently being  aired in afternoon slot called Star Plus Dophar.

The lead actress in Dhai Kilo Prem, s Anjali Anand aka Deepika has got a perfect reply to her haters and the persons who do body shamming. The actress posted an image on her Instagram account and the followers of the actress body-shamed the actress.


Anjali commented, “I can totally imagine this. Many many years ago, a person with no brain activity whatsoever must have said the phrase “fat & ugly” to someone and it stuck. It stuck so hard that people still casually use it without know the amount of lives they’re ruining by someone that. I am fat. Yu are thin. We are beautiful the way we are. Please, Think before you speak. There are all kinds of people in this world. Yu call me fat, I call you ugly? Okay? NO! NOT OK! So, Get over it and get a life.”