Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing one of the most dramatic sequences ahead in the series. Dev and Sona are having a lot of conflicts with respect to Vicky.

As Vicky has left the house still his tricks are back bang on. He is trying to manipulate Suhana so that he can take revenge from Dev and Sonakshi. He is behaving in the most abrupt good way which anyone especially Dev is also not able to accept.

So Dev and Sonakshi decide to celebrate Suhana’s birthday in a grand fashion. First, they decide to wish her at night with a beautiful hand made a cake. But when they reach there, Suhana cuts her cake with Vicky.

So she refuses to do the same with Dev and Sonakshi. They both are extremely hurt but control their emotions. Finally, they decide to give Suhana a surprise and decide to celebrate it outside the town. But Vicky is into something, what could be his next step? Let’s wait and watch.


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