Life OK’s Ghulam set to witness another stage of drama and emotions. Shivani is already depressed and unhappy with her life after marriage with Rangeela but staying with Veer as his wife.

Now there has been a new entry in form of baba named Ardh Nareshwar who has already said that Shivani cannot become a mother as she will not be able to carry it in her womb. Her weight is been taken through a weighing balance which one side has milk can and other side she is sitting. Veer’s mother gets very disturbed but asks baba to give a solution for it.

Baba tells Veer’s mother that Shivani’s weight has to be increased to atleast 10 kgs more for her to conceive. Veer’s mother assures baba ji that her weight will increase as she will make her eat healthy food by hook or crook. They will make her womb so strong that she will bear a child. Superstitions have already encircled Shivani and village of Berahampur. Are you excited to watch this?