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Beyhadh Upcoming Twist and Beyhadh Latest News:

Beyhadh latest news, upcoming twist, latest gossip, upcoming story. Beyhadh upcoming twist, story, gossip. Beyhadh upcoming story news available here. It is an Indian Hindi thriller television series, which premiered 11 October 2016 on Sony Entertainment Television (via Wikipedia).

Witnessing Arjun taking a stand for her, she starts to develop feelings for him. Though initially she denies it, Maya gradually falls head over heels in love with Arjun and her love for him is unconditional. The only thing she wishes in her life is him and cannot tolerate his proximity to any other woman. Seeing Saanjh getting close to Arjun she indirectly tells her that she loves him, and threatens her for crossing her limits. Show takes a turn as Maya invites Arjun for a hot air balloon ride, and threatens to turn off the burners sending them both to death unless Arjun says that he too loves her. Arjun drops the ring from the balloon but eventually proposes to Maya, and she accepts. They plan to get married very soon, but face various bad omens. On the day of their wedding, Maya’s father dies near the wedding canopy along with it catching fire. But, Maya being adamant on marrying Arjun gets married as per rituals. During this time Arjun’s mother refuses to accept her as she considers Maya as bad omen. (Source: Wikipedia).