Color’s serial Dil Se Dil Tak is unwinding the drama slowly. The relationship between Shorvori, Parth and Teni are taking interesting turns where lot of emotions would play an important role.

Shorvori is not at home and has instructed Parth to take care of Teni but she doesnt listen to him at all. Sometimes she sleeps on the dining table or some or the other funny things as she has been brought up in that way. Teni is trying to drink a cocktail with ice but Parth is not allowing her to do such a thing. He says that Shorvori has strictly told him to avoid even a single drop of whiskey or any hard drink.

But Teni insists on having the drink. This whole drama is going in the kitchen and there are people watching them so that they can do something fishy. Teni and Parth share some funny sweet moments and Shorvori’s call comes in between. Are Teni and Parth’s funny moments a starting point of their feelings and love towards each other?