Colors’ Dil Se Dil Tak is having lots of fun along with lots of drama. Teni is already pregnant with Shorvori and Parth’s child and they are taking good care of her. Teni is also enjoying her motherhood.

Teni is having lot of hormonal changes due to her pregnancy. Teni is loving some foods and smell while she is disliking some of them. As of today she wants to make circles of dried cow dung and put it on the wall. She is loving the smell of cow dung. She has also made Parth part of the game and both are enjoying it.

On the other hand, Shorvori is preparing delicious food for Teni as she is giving the happiness of a lifetime. Teni is also enjoying lots of luxuries which she would have never thought of getting it staying at the chawl. Sejal tries to provoke and insult her but she always has smart way of answering her. So ready to see Teni’s answers.