Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actors recently got in into a major fight. If you have no idea, we would like to tell the fight between Aditi Bhatia aka Ruhi and Ruhanika Dhawan aka Pihu got into a major fight. As per the report, Aditi called Ruhanika dumb and Ruhanika told her mother. Later, her mother scolded Aditi and now it has become a buzz that is being discussed among the fans.

Aditi Bhatia on the matter, “Putting all the rumours to rest. So, since everyone knows I have been acting since I was a toddler and I have been a child artist for 17 years now, I completely understand what it is to perform as a child, it really needs courage to even stand in front of the camera and perform in front of so many people and I understand that because I have been there. Ruhaanika is a mind blowing child actor and I have always appreciated her for being a child like this with such brilliant acting skills and if people out here know me, they should know that I respect and love people who are younger and elder to me because that is what my mother has taught me.

She continued, “There is no possibility on earth that I can even say one word against a child like Ruhaanika who has been so dear to me.┬áIf someone has misheard or misunderstood something I can’t help it but before any reaction, one should think that I’m also young. I have always loved Ru and treated her as my younger sister, If someone has to react so horribly then I cannot help it because I would still respect the elder person and keep quiet about it without getting into details. I’m clear within I have not done anything wrong so I want to thank my co-actors, fans and media groups for knowing that my conscience is clean. I’m not heartless or mad so thank you for the support. ”

Later Karan Patel and Aditi’s co-stars liked the post confirming that they are supporting Aditi in this matter. Furthermore, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya too commented and confirmed that Aditi could never disrespect anybody. Indeed, there is something going on behind the scene but we hope everything get sorted out between the actors!