Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is going to witness a very important announcement by Ishwari at Dixit house. The major revelation will surely spice up the drama.

As reported last time, Sonakshi will plan a dinner with Dev and Ishwari. She apparently plans the dinner so that they all can spend time together. Furthermore, Dev-Sonakshi and Ishwari plans to reveal their secrets but they unable to do so.┬áLater Ishwari will find Raman (Lakshaya’s manager) at the same restaurant and Sonakshi, Dev see Nikki and Lakshaya together. They all try to hide the reality from each other and ultimately come out of the restaurant.

Sonakshi overhears Ishwari’s conversation with Raman and comes to know about her job. She goes and tells Dev about it. Dev gets angry as to why is she working at this age and mother of a wealthy businessman. Ishwari thinks about the matter and announces about the reality of her job.

Sonakshi is very happy to see Ishwari doing something of her own but Dev gets furious and stops talking to her.┬áMamaji sees Dev’s behavior and convinces him to understand his mother and her aspirations. Will Dev be able to accept Ishwari’s decision?