Sony TV’s Kuch Rang PYar Ke Aise Bhi never fails to entertain the viewers. It comes with new twists that are not expected by the viewers. We will see a similar sequence in the upcoming episodes.

Dev who ignored Riya will finally decide to meet her. He will learn about Riya’s daughter and he will apparently request Riya to come back to the Dixit house. He will also apologize for the mistakes he has committed.

We have seen Sonakshi also goes to meet Nikki but she behaves rudely with her. She tells Sona that no one cared about her and now she’s independent. Later we will see Riya back in Dixit house and¬†Ishwari will be very happy seeing Riya back. Ishwari will later decide to try out something new in her life as she gets bored at home. So she decides to get a job, Asha would be her inspiration.

Sonakshi and Dev decide not to tell about Nikki to Ishwari. And Ishwari decides to go and find a job for herself. Unknowingly she lands up at a place where she gets the job but it is the online company of Nikki’s boyfriend Lakshaya. What will be Ishwari’s reaction after knowing the reality?