Are you Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya fan? We have some good news to share with you all. Divyanka Tripathi has finally accepted that she is lucky to have Vivek Dahiya in his life and released a statement on the matter as well.

“I’ll always be thankful to God for what I have in life. It’s your good karma that comes back to you. I must have done something good to have Vivek in my life. He is loving, innocent and so humble. He understands me inside out. He is my strength, someone I know who is always there for me,” says Divyanka.

“He has studied in UK and lived there for quite some time. Yet when you meet him, he is still a true blue Indian. The best thing about him is that he has imbibed the best from both the worlds. He respects women and is loving towards everyone. So, you know how a person is, depends on how he has been brought up,” she says.

“It’s easier to work with him given the comfort level and understanding we both share. Also, given our hectic schedules, we don’t get to spend much time alone. So, working on the same shows helps us to spend more time together and we love it.” said the actress.