Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has been witnessing quite an interesting track ahead with Sonakshi and Dev’s reunion. Dev and Ishwari have been trying to make Sonakshi realize her love for Dev. We have seen Nisha learns Sonakshi’s feelings towards Dev. She decides to speak to Sona and ultimately breaks the engagement.

As Dev will leave the house, Suhana will be angry as all the drama has happened because of Sonakshi not accepting her feelings. Sonakshi will decide to get Dev back. Sonakshi will leave the house and try to find Dev. Sonakshi will also meet a woman and she will ask her whether she has seen Dev. Sonakshi tells that he is her man her love her dream man. Sonakshi takes an auto to find Dev and sees a man sitting at a tea stall.

Sonakshi questions Dev as to why was he angry with her. They keep on arguing making each other realise that they still love. Sonaskhi asks him that he should speak out his feelings to her and Dev also tells her the same.

Finally Sonakshi accepts that she loves him dearly. Dev is delighted to hear these words from her. He also reciprocates followed by their signature flying hug. They also dance in the rain and exchange rings. Dev and Sonakshi will once again officially become DevAkshi! Are you excited for the reunion episode?