Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi might have several reasons to be loved by the audience even after the leap but according to us these are the three most important reasons for worshiping this show.

DIALOGUES: We have no doubts that the dialogues of this show are at par with the others. They have been apt and correctly placed with the situations. The dialogues are beautifully done as well as brilliantly delivered by the actors of the show.

PERFORMANCES: This show has one of the brilliant performers on Indian television in the current scenario. Shaheer Sheikh has given one of his best performance as the new Dev Dixit with his style and flirtatious nature. Erica Fernandez has been fantabulous with her new look and serious nature. All the rest actors have been brilliant especially Moon Banerjee who has carried out her role as a mother in the most subtle way.

SOHA AND GOLU: These are the most cute characters being introduced in the show. Soha aka Aaliya Shah has been excellent in delivering her dialogues efficiently. Golu aka Pragyaj is too cute and innocent in his acting skills.

Hope all viewers would like the reasons we have portrayed. If you have some please do share with us.