Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya and Vivek Dahiya is hottest couple in Indian Television Industry. The duo have participated in Nach Baliye 8 and they¬†definitely deserve to win Nach Baliye 8’s crown. In this story, we are going to mention the three perfect reasons about why Divyanka and Vivek deserve to win the trophy!

1. The chemistry: Divyanka and Vivek are the hottest couple, the chemistry between them is indeed sizzling. Divyanka and Vivek’s marriage was both; arrange and love marriage. Divyanka started falling for Vivek Dahiya after she looked at pictures that were posted by fans on Instagram page named ‘Divek’.

2. Dedication: Divyanka and Vivek are indeed talented. Although, they do not have any dance experience but they have performed very well so far in Nach Baliye. Divyanka and Vivek works hard and they also have to manage between their other project. Despite they have to do juggling between multiple projects, they do their best!

3. Popularity: Divyanka and Vivek are not only popular among the fans but also the celebrities. From Ekta Kapoor to Karan Patel, all are supporting Divyanka and Vivek. We guess the humble and down to earth nature of Divyanka-Tripathi are the reason for them being loved by so many celebrities and the fans. Divyanka and Vivek have worked in Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and it is also one of the reason that resulted in worldwide popularity of Divyanka and Vivek.