Sony Television started Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi on 29th February 2016. This show has successfully completed its one year. The success of this show has lot of things owe to it like its unique story line, direction, editing, cinematography, presentation, talented actors, soothing music etc. and the list goes on. Its really very difficult to pick some reasons about the show especially after the leap it has become more interesting with two cute kids being part of the show. Still we have made an attempt to pick up some important reasons as to why fans are crazy about this show. They are:

UNIQUENESS: This show has been one of its own kind. Its a beautiful love story with a possessive mother and a girl in her son’s life who happens to be his wife. The inter relationship between the three of them has been projected with utmost perfection. The story is very relatable to a common man who faces such problems in his day to day life. Its not a usual love story with lots of misunderstandings, divorce and then again remarriage and so on. Its a saga of an inter-caste marriage and their difficulties as well.

STARCAST: Oh, nobody can deny that they have the best star cast for any television show in history of entertainment. The characters have been portrayed extremely well by Erica Fernandez, Supriya Pilgaonkar and of course Shaheer Sheikh. Shaheer Sheikh has already given his best performances before but he is even much better today. His emotions right from being a rigid person to an emotional weak person during the break- up to the one today after a leap of seven years has been incredible. Supriya Pilgaonkar is a thorough performer. Her serials before have also given her appreciation but this one has surpassed all boundaries. Erica Fernandez being a newcomer has played the role of a Bengali girl with beauty and elegance. We cant forget the other actors as well. Everyone have portrayed their characters beautifully whether it is Radha rani ( Alka Mogha), Vicky(Vaibhav Singh), Elena(Prerna Panwar), Mamaji(Mushtaq Khan), Asha( Moon Banerjee), Bijoy(Jagat Rawat) or the kids even after the leap (Praggy and Aaliya). Hats off to the creatives.

SOUNDTRACK: The music has been hummed by everyone even the starcast. It has a fresh wave of music with the correct timings of the sequence. A good music plays a pivotal role even in a film but it has crossed this benchmark and given us soothing music equivalent to a film.

DIRECTION: The director of this show Prateek Shah has kept all small points in consideration. Small things of day to day life has been brought out beautifully. Whether it is a mother’s possessive nature or a wife’s surprise party for her husband. It has always given us surprises whatever viewers might think it would be something better and different. The cinematography has been incredible with keeping all the colours, hue and saturation in mind. Mamta and Yash Patnaik the producer of the show have always listened to the fans especially a romantic scene or a dance or a bonfire etc. So they have won hearts of all its viewers.

NO NEGATIVE CHARACTERS: Yes the show has some beautiful grey shades but they are not truly villains of the show. Its been Ishwari who has been shown as a very possessive mother with some grey shades. Radha rani has been shown as a character who has always opposed Sonakshi as she doesnt like her because Sona knows the fact that Radha rani is after Dev’s property. Bijoy is sometimes over reactive. Vicky is only interested in money and no work.

So we know that there might be endless reasons for the viewers to love this show. Which one is yours?