Shaheer Sheikh is one of the most loved and popular actor in Indian Television in the present scenario. His expressive eyes, his smile and his acting has created waves in the hearts of lots of female fans. We have shortlisted five reasons as to why Shaheer Sheikh is best suited to the role of Dev Dixit.

1. ACTING SKILLS: Shaheer has been one of the finest actors on Indian Television. His eyes express all sorrows along with his tears with utmost perfection. He can perform any emotional scene which big actors can’t even do.

2. GOOD LOOKS: I don’t think that anyone can deny his good looks. It’s just an “icing on the cake”. His eyes, his smile, his height, his way of dressing as well as his expressions of romance can make lure any woman.

3. FREELANCER: Shaheer has always been a freelancer enjoying his roles as well as his life. Even in his interviews he always support his team. He performs pranks but still everyone loves him for this attitude of his.

4. SUPPORTS HIS CO-STARS: Everyone knows very well that he is one of the most comfortable and supportive co-star to work with. Even Erica always praise him for his easy behavior without any ego issues.

5. LOVE AND RESPECT: Shaheer Sheikh has a huge fan following in Indonesia especially females. He respects everyone including women, kids and old people as well. We remember one of his videos where he requested all his fans to pray for one his co-workers sitting on a wheelchair. He even enjoys with kids as it is evident from his chemistry with Golu and Soha.

We know that these above reasons are not enough to prove his worth. If​ you have any, please share with us.