Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is already making waves with it’s high voltage drama and jaw dropping chemistry between Shaheer and Erica as Dev and Sonakshi.

Again we are to witness a new track ahead with the re-entry of Dev’s sisters Riya and Nikki in the show. As per the last episode Sonakshi and Dev have taken a decision of holding on to their remarriage. Dev goes to Kolkata to see the hospital where Suhana was born just to feel the pain and circumstances which Sonakshi went through. Sonakshi also comes to know that Dev is at Kolkata just to feel her difficulties.

Sonakshi decides to meet Ishwari and find out all about Dev’s past seven years. She asks Ishwari about Neha, Nikki and Riya. Ishwari tells her that when Sonakshi left the house Dev was heartbroken and disheartened with life. He never paid any attention to his family even his sisters. He never used to even come back for weeks. Riya and Nikki also left the house and living alone in Delhi.

Sonakshi is shocked to hear it. She decides to call up Riya to inquire her whereabouts. When Riya hears Sonakshi’s voice, she is shocked and angry too. Riya is married and living with her husband. She tells Sonakshi to not call her again anymore because the day she left Dev also left them. Nikki continues her studies and starts living with her boyfriend in an apartment. Finally we will witness the re-entry of Riya and Nikki along with some new characters. Hold on! We will keep you updated. Are you excited for the comebacks?