Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will finally witness a most awaited moment. Sonakshi Bose will soon enter the Dixit house for 7 days as Dev’s 7 days have completed in the Bose house. However, yet another drama and fight between Dev and Sonakshi will begin the Dixit house.

UMeAurTV: Sonakshi with Suhana is in the Dixit house. Sonakshi seems to be busy with her office work and Suhana is not doing well. Dev is obviously tensed for Suhana who is not well and he will shout on Sonakshi for not taking care of Suhana and being busy with her personal life.

Dev argues with Sonakshi and she does the same. Dev says that if Sonakshi couldn’t take care of Suhana, she should stop acting and calling herself as best mother. Sonakshi replies back that she loves Suhana and so does Soha. Furthermore, Sonakshi states that Dev was selfish and think about it only himself.