Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness the most awaited moment that is Dev and Sonakshi’s marriage. Sonakshi will say yes to Dev’s marriage offer and marriage celebration begins.


UMeTV: Everything is fine as everyone has agreed for Sonakshi and Dev’s wedding. Everybody is preparing for Dev-Sonakshi’s marriage. Bijoy and Asha are going on an agreement on whether they should include non-veg along with veg or not. Asha says Dev family are Bhramins hence they don’t eat non-veg, Eleena-Saurabh begs to include non-veg foods but Asha says no, Dev arrives and says yes to non-veg dish.

IBN 7:

IBN 7: Dev-Sonakshi got approval for their marriage. Dev comes to meet Sonakshi at her house. Where Dev tells Asha that they can include non-veg foods too as per their rituals.