Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness some new twists and turns soon in the upcoming episode. But Dev and Sonakshi’s wedding is not going to be easy and there are some drama planned! (Read Also: Ishwari to spoil Dev and Sonakshi’s First Night)

UMeTV: It shows Dev and Sonakshi’s wedding place. They talks about Dev and Sonakshi’s wedding and the families are trying to adopt each others ritual. Hence we will see some drama in their wedding.

IBN 7:-

IBN 7: They shows Dev’s barat and Sonakshi’s attire. There is also Shaheer and Erica’s interview. Asha and Sonakshi gets emotional. Sonakshi’s bothers carries Sona as per the ritual she couldn’t walk towards the mandap. Dev tries to see Sonakshi but he couldn’t whereas Sonakshi could see Dev easily.


SBB: They have shown Dev and Sonakshi’s wedding.


SBS: Drama in Dev and Sonakshi wedding because of two different traditions. Emotional conversation between Sonakshi and Asha.