Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will show Dev and Sonakshi’s wedding on 30th September. But before wedding, there are some other rituals that the viewers are eagerly waiting to watch.


UMeTV: It shows Dev and Sonakshi pre-wedding photoshoot. Later the video from Sonakshi’s house has been shown where Sonakshi’s haldi ceremony is going on and she is very happy.

IBN 7:-

IBN 7: Dev and Sonakshi’s haldi ceremony has show. The house is decorated a lot and it everything is yellow as it is haldi ceremony. Sonakshi and Dev are very happy. After this, Dev and Sonakshi could not meet until their marriage!


SBAS: It shows Dev and Sonakshi’s haldi. Dev’s and Sonakshi’s hadli are shown, where both of them are super happy and excited.

SBAS’s Miss Mohoni:- 


SBS: Dev and Sonakshi’s haldi ceremony…. (segment is same as others)


SBB:  They shows new promo of Dev and Sonakshi wedding. Dev’s haldi ceremony showed, Dev is looking very happy and yet excited. Next they showed “Sonakshi’s ka shagun”. Sonakshi’s haldi showed and she is also happy. They continued with Sonakshi’s Shagun ceremony. Shaheer’s IV was there too. Bijoy was applying haldi on Asha’s face.