Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi have been entertaining viewers with Dev and Sonakshi’s breakup track. But as now things are going to be good, we will soon witness Dev and Sonakshi’s marriage.


UMeTV: Dev is worried as Sonakshi is not ready to forgive him. Ishwari promises Dev that she will bring his Sonakshi back, Ishwari talks with Mr Bose on phone call and asks to meet alone, Bijoy agrees for the same.


SBAS: Sonakshi is trying to convince her baba…. (more details coming soon).

IBN 7:-

IBN 7: Dev is upset as Sonakshi is not forgiving him. Whereas Ishwari is trying her to best convince Sonakshi for marriage with Dev. Sonakshi’s father is angry on Sonakshi for leaving her engagement.. but Sonakshi finally makes her Baba happy. Also: Dev is in Sonakshi’s home…


SBB:- Ishwari Ka Tashan ~ Ishwari tries to convince Bose family for Sonakshi’s marriage.


SBS: Ishwari begged Sonakshi but Sonakshi’s answer remained no. Dev got to know this and Dev says to not go to Bose house anymore. He cannot handle his mother’s insult.