Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is yet to witness new twists and turns as Sonakshi and Dev are finally married, the real drama has started.

UMeTV:- Sonakshi ki pheli rasoi

UMeTV: It is Sonakshi’s first day in kitchen . However, she don’t know how to cook and all family members are waiting to eat food cooked by Sonakshi. But to keep everything fine, Ishwari helped Sonakshi. Everything went fine and everyone is happy.

SBAS:- Sonakshi ne dikhaya rasoi mei kamaal

SBAS: Sonakshi is cooking food. Ishwari comes and started cooking. Sonakshi passed with full marks.


SBS: It’s Sonakshi’s first day in Kitchen and don’t know how to cook. Ishwari helps Sonakshi, infact Ishwari cooked the food herself because Dadi Bua will insult Sonakshi if the food is not good. Ishwari says Sonakshi to not come, Ishwari cooked food because of Dev’s reputation.