Dev and Sonakshi’s life is quite tricky. The duo have decided to know more about each other’s past and what has happened to them in these 7 years. Even more twists and turns will unravel in the upcoming episodes of Sony Entertainment Television’s┬áKuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.

We have seen that Sonakshi was confronting Dev about what he had done with and the Dixit family in last 7 years. And to Sonakshi’s surprise, Dev has been revealed as a careless person who stopped paying attention to his sisters after Sonakshi left him.

Sonakshi will decide to dig the matter. The lady will pickup the phone and call Riya on her number. She will apparently call her to know her whereabouts and how she is doing. When Riya hears Sonakshi’s voice, she is shocked and angry too.

Riya is married and living with her husband. She tells Sonakshi to not call her again anymore because the day she left Dev also left them. Nikki continues her studies and starts living with her boyfriend in an apartment. Finally we will witness the re-entry of Riya and Nikki along with some new characters. Can you guess who could be the new characters?