Sony Entertainment Television’s Beyhadh will witness high-intensity drama soon in the upcoming episodes. As Maya has proposed Arjun though Arjun’s proposal is still pending. Meanwhile, Maya’s jealousy is increasing because of Arjun and Saanjh’s friendship whereas Saanjh is feeling insecure.

Arjun will go to meet Maya at late night. Arjun and Maya will sit in Maya’s apartment and they have ice cream together. Next day, Arjun tells Maya that he going for lunch with dusky. Maya fumes in jealousy and plays a masterstroke. Shockingly, Arjun will cancel his plans with Saanjh as Maya organises a lunch party in the office.

Saanjh will be upset. After finishing office work, Arjun will go to his home and he will be shocked to see his favorite shoes from Maya. Is Maya trying to buy Arjun’s love with her money?