Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is going to witness the new love of Devakshi with lots of love, drama and emotions.

The reunion of the family has been one of the most awaited tracks. Dev and Sonakshi always wanted this type of life and family. But there’s someone in the house whose never been happy with the reunion of Dev and Sonakshi.

Yeah, the guesses are right this time it’s Vicky who is unhappy with the whole situation. He thinks that he has been treated like a dog in return for his services to his own brother’s house. Elena tries to convince Vicky but he misbehaves with her. Dev scolds him even but this time he is adamant to destroy Dev.

Vicky plans to ruin his business. Dev is working on a new software for his company to take it to a higher status. Vicky plans to steal the software and release it with his name. He even plans a hidden camera in his office to oversee his updates and thereby steal it. Will Dev come to know the reality? Let’s wait for it to unfold.