Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has become quite interesting with the Khatri being caught red-handed​ and Sona hands his case over to the police. Malti and Kajal overhear their conversation and they come to know about the reality of Khatri being the real culprit. Sona tells them to meet Ishwari and forgive her. Sona brings Malti and Kajal to the hospital and they apologize to Ishwari for misunderstanding and cursing her. They also thank Sona for helping them to know the reality.

Even Dev and Ishwari, with folded hands thank Sona for her help in freeing Ishwari’s guilt. Ishwari hugs Sona for the same. Ishwari becomes better and the doctor discharges her. She comes back and is greeted by everyone especially Soha and Golu.

Ishwari decides to call Sona and speak to her. She invited the whole Bose family to dinner. Bijoy reluctantly agreed to it and they arrive at Ishwari Niwas. Soha is very happy to see her grandparents​ together. They all come and light goes off ;then they decide to play something. First they decide to play antakshari but it doesn’t go well with all of them. So they decide to play hide and seek.

Dev and Sonakshi also hide but together at the same place and they share some cute moments with romance and infatuation building up slowly. Ishwari sees both of them sharing​ these moments. So will Ishwari rethink her decision of remarrying Dev and Sonakshi?