Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is currently witnessing a fight between Dev and Sonakshi. However, the happy times aren’t really far away¬†from Dev and Sonakshi, its time for DevAkshi fans to dance in enjoy! Wondering why? Find the answer right below.

Shared a reliable source, “Sonakshi will book a resort for Dev and her, the couple would be seen spending romantic time and staying in a resort for a while.”

Ishwari would be waiting for Dev and Sonakshi. She would be panic. Ishwari even calls Bose as she think that Dev and Sonakshi are in Bose house. However, she would notable to find Dev and Sonakshi!

Aunty Jee.. Are you wondering where are Dev-Sonakshi? They are romancing!