Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is going to become more interesting after the come back of the Dixit sisters as well as Sonakshi into the Dixit house.

We will see that Sonakshi will try to call Riya and she will answer the call but in a rude manner. Sonakshi expresses that she would like to talk with her but Riya angrily warns her not to call her again and cuts the phone. She tells Dev about the phone call to Riya and convinces him to go and meet Riya.

Dev will agree and he will go to meet Riya after several years. Riya now has a daughter and Dev doesn’t know about her daughter even. Dev will meet Riya and apologize for the mistakes he have committed and how he ignored her, Nikki and Neha. As Dev requests a lot, Riya will decide to return back to the Dixit house.

Ishwari will be very happy seeing Riya back. Ishwari seeing Asha feels that she should try something new in her life as she gets bored at home. So she plans to take up a job and also shares the same with Sonakshi and Dev. Moreover we are yet to witness the re entry of Nikki along with her boyfriend. Are you excited with the new track of Ishwari finding a job? What will be Dev and Sonakshi’s reaction?