Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is all set for a new drama. The show is currently showcasing engagement track of Dev and Nisha. Dev is going with his plan and he is waiting for Sonakshi to come to the engagement venue.

Ishwari also visited the Bose house and pleaded Sonakshi to come to the engagement venue. Sonakshi refused but she will ultimately come after Bijoy will ask her to go as Dev would be waiting for him. Sonakshi will watch Dev and Nisha’s dance and she will try to control her emotions.

Nisha will confront Sonakshi about her feelings for Dev and she will come to the conclusion that Sonakshi still loves Dev. Nisha will decide to break the engagement and this will create a big drama at the Dixit house.

Post breaking the engagement with Dev, Nisha will leave the venue. Furthermore, Dev will also leave the venue! Apparently, Sonakshi will decide to find Dev. What will happen next? Do you think Sonakshi will able to get Dev back?