Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is becoming quite interesting with the track of Khatri being introduced. Sonakshi is following Khatri to unravel Ishwari’s past which has a heinous crime hidden. She can’t share this with Dev so she’s taking the help of Jatin.

But Dev is not ready to accept the friendship relationship between them. He keeps on doubting them and even scolds Sona for this unknowing of the fact of Khatri. After Sonakshi comes back meeting Khatri Dev becomes agitated with her and questions her character. Sona is extremely hurt.

In a similar manner, Dev is also hurt because he still loves Sona alot and can’t see her with anyone. Dev leaves Dixit house and Sona is left disheartened. She goes in her room and feels that she could never hate Dev. She starts realising her love​ for Dev and same with Dev who feels for her because he always loved her even when she wasn’t there with him​. Hopefully they both confess their love and fans could witness a re reunion of their Devakshi!