Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi producer Yash Patnaik in an interview has discussed about Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi and his other shows. The interview was first appeared on IF and you can read it below.

You have created some very successful shows like ‘Veera’, ‘Kuch Rang…’ and ‘Saada Haq’. Your stories are too relatable and these shows brought in a new wave in the Telly world, defying the ongoing family drama trend.Do you see yourself as a trend breaker?

Some of the shows didn’t do well, in fact, some of them were disasters! But I always ventured into doing somethinghatke.If you talk about epics such asMahabharat or Ramayan or for that matter, even TITANIC, they have simple stories and ‘simple’ is the most difficult to narrate.

Speaking about ‘Kuch Rang…’, the idea was about how every mother is possessive about her son. Once they are married, there is a dynamism in the equations. It happens in every family and we had to keep it very raw. From costumes to sets to music, there was nothing that followed the trend.

I want to be honest with my work and not force feed content. In the shows, everything happens as the life unfolds. Negativity comes with incidents. I believe nobody is black or white, they are grey and the percentage of grey keeps varying as per situations.

Your shows have a humongous following in the digital space but when it comes to TRP ratings, the scenario is different. What do you think is the reason? Is there any disconnect between both audiences?

Definitely. I think all our shows have been a darling on the internet.

We are young producers, so our vision and our characters co-relate to audiences between ages of 15 to 35. We touch the youth audiences. Having said that, I once noticed that ‘Kuch Rang…’ was one of the most searched content on YouTube by middle-aged women.

Do you have the same response on OTT (Over the top) platforms as well?

I have heard that out of top ten, five slots were occupied by ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’ and every episode gets a million plus views across platforms. So it’s unfortunate that the internet audience is not counted. They are more solid reports. Currently, the sample audience is much bigger and every broadcaster has their own OTT. I’m sure, they will consider this at some point of time.

The entire shift to OTT gives consumers the convenience of time. Is it helping makers to garner popularity for the show and tap the younger audience to

The unfortunate part is that calculation is not translated into a rating which is a public perception. If a ‘Kuch Rang’ is doing 0.7 today, I believe it is seen by more people than another show on another channel which is 1.8.

You count so big on relatability factor, but you are serving the Indian audience, which has a huge variety in terms of culture and taste. There is a division in Tier I and Tier II cities also, how do you cover that gap?

I will give you an example… I have two shows right now on air- ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’ and ‘Jana Na Dil Se Door’. ‘Kuch Rang…’ is more urban than rural. ‘Jana Na Dil Se…’ is a departure from the ‘Kuch Rang..’ space. It is based in the heartland of India. So when ‘Kuch Rang’ is more exclusive. ‘Jana Na Dil Se…’ is inclusive. That is the experiment within the space. See, I belong to a village. I’m not from some metro. So I do understand the values, the lifestyle, the ethnicity. That is the impact of staying in a village. So a tremendous concept which you have not pitched to anybody so farcan bridge the gap between village and city that is for sure.